Autumn Skin


After a sun filled summer, it’s time to reassess our skincare needs moving forward into autumn. The hot summer months will have dehydrated our skin and exposed us to pigmentation causing rays, mix this with colder morning and central heating our skin can appear dull, dry and lacklustre. So here at The Grove we have some autumn solutions to get your skin in optimal condition ready for the colder months.


Stripping back all the summer build-up will give a refreshed glow. This can be achieved with Chemical Peels that remove the top layers of the skin to reveal a clearer, healthier and rejuvenated surface.

Why not try our fantastic Glow exfoliator to add to your weekly skincare routine at home.


Hydration is key to keeping your skin looking it’s best. Even oily skin types will benefit from a good moisturiser. Luckily Grove Clinical’s own H2oo endurance moisturiser will help with all your hydration needs as it is packed with biomimetic peptides, natural tara seed and vitamins C and B.


Long after a tan fades, pigmentation and sun damage remains. Here at The Grove we offer a range of solutions for all types of pigmentation including Grove Clinical R+retinol, Obagi treatment products, chemical peels and laser treatments. To protect skin from further pigmentation and damage we recommend Grove Clinical Protect; our own tinted broad spectrum sun protection SPF 50.