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Jodie Grove is a highly qualified nurse with years of experience in aesthetic procedures. She adheres to the highest possible standards of safety, professionalism, and attention as she cares for her patients.

Jodie Grove is a highly qualified nurse with years of experience in aesthetic procedures. She adheres to the highest possible standards of safety, professionalism, and attention as she cares for her patients.

She is also dedicated to sharing her knowledge with the wider medical community in a manner that is safe, specific, and guided by the strictest ethical, legal, and medical standards available. She offers to share her expertise with other qualified and accredited doctors, nurses, and dentists who have a minimum of two years of experience post-qualifying.

The need to pass on this medical expertise in a manner which is responsible and carefully conveyed stems from the fact that much of the industry is unregulated. This means that there are no set guidelines as to who should and should not get these procedures, how much surgery is “too much”, and who, if anyone, is accountable should a patient be dissatisfied with their procedure.

The lack of regulation also makes it easy for under-qualified or professionally irresponsible parties to pose as qualified and respected health care professionals.  It can be relatively easy for non-registered individuals to get their hands on botox, for example, and offer injections to the public. They have no specific clinical training in using, handling, or administering botox, however, and are neither medically trained. This can lead to an unsafe or excessive administering of the drug and poor or harmful results for patients.


This lack of oversight makes botched procedures, complications, and poor judgments more likely, and leaves patients with little recourse if their results cause injury or harm. The patients simply trust that the man or woman offering them treatment is skilled and knowledgeable. This may not be the case, however, and the lack of government regulation in the field of cosmetic procedures makes it far easier for patients to be exploited, harmed, or scammed. The harm caused by unregistered providers of aesthetic procedures also hurts the reputations of registered, qualified doctors and nurses who administer these procedures safely and carefully.

An unregulated medical aesthetics industry creates a breeding ground for poor accountability and predatory medical practices which can cost a fortune but may yield unsafe results. Jodie makes sure that these techniques are passed on only to qualified, experienced, and registered medical professionals, and seeks to reduce predatory, unqualified aesthetic treatments. She is dedicated to taking care of her patients, and to all men and women seeking safe and professional help with aesthetic procedures.

She uses her knowledge of procedures from her vast range of treatments in the clinic to treat her own patients, as well as ensure that the wider public has the greatest amount of access to safe and professional medical treatment. Doing her part to make aesthetic medical procedures safer and better regulated in an unregulated system is how Jodie is fighting the good fight for the public, and for her fellow professionals.

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