Welcome to The Grove Skin & Laser Clinic. We are experts in our field offering a variety of treatments to address a multitude of concerns.

Your consultation is the important first step in the treatment journey. We listen carefully and ask questions to understand your concerns and how this makes your feel.

We will assess your unique skin concerns, discuss your goals and analyse your skins condition.

Our fully trained and experienced specialists will be able to discuss your needs, wants and desires during your consultation and guide you through what options are available, answering any questions you may have.

Whether you’re seeking solutions to acne, anti-aging, pigmentation or hair removal our consultation process ensures you receive customised guidance and a treatment plan that’s right for you. 

When it comes to medical aesthetic treatments Jodie’s ethos is helping patients to look and feel great but by adapting the“less is more” approach. 

Often our patients need help is reaching this goal and our role is to educate them with what’s both available and suitable.

A diagnostic skin analysis using a device which helps our specialists to really understand your skin forms part of the consultation process.

What Is Skin Analysis?

A revolutionary journey beneath the skins surface.

The skin analysis device is a diagnostic tool that assists us in creating an individual patient focused treatment plan.

Many conditions originate in the deeper layers of the skin and aren’t always seen with the naked eye, the skin analysis allows us to really see what’s going on.

It is the key to providing you, our patient with a tailored approach to your needs and desires.

The visible information from your skin analysis enables us to better understand your skin and provide results driven solutions.

The skin analysis can assess and diagnose a wide range of skin conditions including but not limited to Pigmentation disorders, blocked pores, rosacea, irritated and dehydrated skin, wrinkle formation.

The Grove Skin & Laser Clinic - Skin Analysis

Consultations For All Treatments

At our clinic patient safety and well-being is our priority, as our commitment to providing exceptional care we highly encourage, almost insist on a consultation before committing to any treatment plan. It forms an important part of your journey with us.

Some of our treatments such as laser hair removal require a compulsory consultation as part of our registration as a private hospital with the Healthcare inspectorate Wales (HIW). 

All moles/lesions need a consultation to diagnose before any options for removal can be discussed.

Our weight management treatments along with women’s health and testosterone replacement for men all need compulsory consultations.

Consultations at The Grove Skin & Laser Clinic
Consultation Process at the Grove Skin & Laser Clinic

Consultation Process

Whether you are visiting the clinic for anti-aging, Skin concerns, Laser or a medical concern we always ensure you get the absolute best from your visit and this starts with your consultation.

You will be greeted by our friendly clinic receptionist and asked to complete the relevant  forms to allow us to understand your health and lifestyle along with your goals and objectives.

Your consultation will take place in one of treatment rooms with your dedicated specialist, we aim to make this process as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Your skin analysis will then take place as the first stage of your consultation and the findings forms the basis of your discussion. Photographs may also be taken rest assure this is just part of your consultation and strictly for internal use unless discussed otherwise.

All areas of concerns will be discussed and you have plenty of time to ask as many questions as you need. 

Your specialist who will have listened tentatively will discuss a suggested treatment plan for you to satisfy your needs and goals.

Your initial appointment can be booked or you may wish to take home the relevant information and book at a later date. 

Please note your consultation fee can only be redeemed against treatments booked within 6 months and not against any products.

consultation video

Consultation FAQ's

( Q )
Is A Consultation Essential ?
A consultation forms a crucial part in your patient journey, it’s an opportunity for our specialists to assess your needs and discuss your desired outcomes and develop a treatment plan that works for you.
It’s also essential as detailed above for certain treatments, and although not essential it is recommended for most treatments.
( Q )
Is The Consultation Fee Redeemable ?

The cost of your consultation will come off any treatment you decide on having within a 6 month period. It does not come off any products recommended and purchased.

( Q )
Can Someone Come With Me For My Consultation ?

Yes that’s absolutely fine, and we encourage it.

We don’t allow children into consultations.

( Q )
Will Any Treatment Be Carried Out On The Day?

Our recommendation is you use the consultation time to discuss all elements of your concerns and go away with the information provided to consider and ensure your proposed treatment plan is the right one for you before booking your treatments.

( Q )
Do I Need To Prepare For My Consultation?

We request you come without any make up on or arrive a little early to give you time to take your make up off.

( Q )
How Long Is my Consultation Appointment ?

We allow 60 minutes for a consultation giving you plenty of time to discuss all your needs and concerns.