Hayfever Injections

Hayfever Injections

Relive your symptoms for the whole season. As the pollen count starts to rise, hay fever can make life miserable for many people. Fortunately, at our medical clinic just outside Swansea we offer an effective treatment solution. Hayfever injections may be recommended to those suffering from severe hay fever symptoms as a potential outcome of a thorough consultation. 

Hayfever Injections Introduction

One of the key treatments we offer for hayfever  is the hay fever injection, which contains a steroid to reduce inflammation and alleviate symptoms. This injection can provide fast relief and can last for several months, making it an effective choice for those who suffer from severe hay fever symptoms.

It is important to note that this treatment is not suitable for individuals with mild hayfever symptoms. It may weaken the immune system, making patients more vulnerable to other infections, such as flu, chickenpox, and shingles. Additionally, these injections may result in potential side effects, including mood swings, elevated blood pressure, and irregular heartbeat.

Therefore, it’s important to remember that the hayfever injection is not suitable for everyone, and our nurses and doctors will assess your medical history and current health status before recommending this treatment.

Conditions Treated With Hayfever Injections

Kenalog the medication in the hayfever injection is used to treat severe hay fever that is resistant to alternative remedies. Hay fever stems from an unnecessary immune system response to pollen, leading to significant energy depletion as the immune system expends energy combatting perceived threats.

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Hayfever Treatment Process

A thorough consultation including full medical history is given discussing the injection as an option, providing effective hayfever advice, diagnosis, and treatment of hay fever injections if suitable. The treatment dosage depends on the severity of symptoms and body weight

Hayfever injections temporarily suppress the body’s immune response. The steroid, Kenalog, is administered through an intramuscular injection into the buttock, delivering a low dose directly into the muscle. Following the injection, many people experience relief from symptoms that lasts the entire season. Hayfever injections will only be recommended in select circumstances following assessment by a nurse or doctor

Kenalog injections are administered intramuscularly into the buttock muscle. The injection site is meticulously cleaned with an alcohol swab before the procedure. Although the injection is relatively brief, the substance itself is not irritating, making it a relatively low-pain experience.

Hayfever Injections ViDeo

Hayfever Injections before and after

We have plenty of Hydrafacial® experience. Please view the before and after pictures below to see how hydrafacial can benefit the skin.

Hydrafacial Before & After

Before: In the “before” image, the skin may appear dull, congested, and uneven in tone and texture. Common issues like dryness, blackheads, and enlarged pores can make the complexion look tired and lacklustre. These skin concerns can impact self-confidence and overall appearance.

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How Effective Are Hayfever Injections?

Private hayfever treatment is highly effective in alleviating symptoms of severe hayfever for many individuals. It has the potential to provide complete relief from symptoms throughout the entire hayfever season for some people, while for others, it can significantly reduce the severity of symptoms. In such cases, combining the private treatment with other therapies allows individuals to carry on with their daily lives as usual.

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Benefits Of Hayfever Injection: 
  1. Convenience: With a single injection, symptoms can be alleviated for the entire hay fever season, making it more convenient than having to take daily tablets.
  2. Potentially milder side effects: The injection’s lower dosage may result in milder side effects compared to steroid tablets.
  3. Effectiveness: Many individuals experience substantial relief from symptoms, which greatly improves their quality of life during the hay fever season.
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Risks To Having The Hayfever Injection:

Kenalog injections, like all steroids, can cause side effects, although they are very rare at the administered dose. Immune system suppression, allergic reaction, a small indentation of the muscle, some mild mood changes are all side effects to consider. Please read information sheet for further details.

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Who Should Avoid Hayfever Injections?

It is not recommended for the following individuals to undergo private hay fever treatment:

  1. Those with active infections.
  2. Individuals with bone/joint-related conditions.
  3. People with certain bowel-related issues.
  4. Those with cardiovascular disease.
  5. Individuals with diabetes.
  6. People with epilepsy.
  7. Those with glaucoma.
  8. Individuals with uncontrolled hypertension (high blood pressure).
  9. Pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  10. Individuals who have recently had surgery or have pending surgery.
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Who Should Consider Private Hayfever Injections?

Hayfever injections may be recommended for individuals who suffer from severe hayfever symptoms that can have an impact on their daily lives.