Cellulite Treatment Swansea

Cellulite treatment Swansea using one of the only FDA approved machines

Cellulite affects 85-95% of all women, it also affects men but much more common in females. It can make us women very self conscious and stop some wearing skirts and dresses even. Its a huge issue for many which is why we wanted to introduce a treatment that can help.

There is no cure for cellulite but there are treatments available that can improve the appearance.

The Velashape 3 is one of the top treatments available in the UK.

How does it work ?

The Velashape 3 uses a combination of technologies to contour your body and reduce he appearance of cellulite. The vacuum technology manipulates your skin while the infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency energy heats the fat cells and surrounding tissue.

Does it hurt ?

The treatment feels like a warm dip massage, occasionally bruising and redness can occur but doesn’t last long

How long is the treatment?

Each session is approximately 45 minutes and 3 -6 sessions are recommended every two weeks.

How much does it cost ?

Treatment starts from £250, we have lots of packages available and you can also spread the cost out over monthly interest free payments.

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