CO2 Laser Facial in the press with Holly Hagan (Reality TV star)

Have you seen the CO2 Laser Facial in the press recently?

You may have seen the Co2 Laser Facial in the press recently, after reality TV star, Holly Hagan (Geordie Shore) had undertaken the treatment to treat her ‘bad skin’ and combat acne scarring, pigmentation and sun damage.

Why are we posting about this? We (at The Grove Skin & Laser Clinic based in Swansea) are 1 of only 2 clinics in South Wales that offer the CO2 Laser Facial (Resurfacing Treatment) and wanted to ensure that those interested in knowing more about the treatment are armed with the appropriate information.

Read the article on The Sun website here (Holly Hagan CO2 Laser Facial) 

Here goes…

  • Holly Hagan post CO2 Laser Facial carried out by Dr Hussein
    Holly Hagan post CO2 Laser Facial carried out by Dr Hussein

    The press have focused on Holly’s ‘blood-crusted face’ (shown in the image above) after the ‘extremely painful’ laser facial.   OK, yes, this is an invasive treatment and is not for the faint hearted, however this is for those who want to get excellent results from a treatment.   The term CO2 Laser facial has been used, but those considering this treatment should understand this isn’t to be considered the same level as a skin conditioning treatment – this is a medical procedure carried out by qualified and experienced practitioners  (that’s us, here at The Grove Skin & Laser Clinic) in a clinical setting.  This treatment is known as the most powerful skin rejuvenation technique available on the market and we’re very pleased to be offering it here in Swansea (South Wales, UK) – 40 miles west of Cardiff, and 80 miles west of Bristol.



  • Holly Hagan prior to the CO2 Laser Facial
    Holly Hagan prior to the CO2 Laser Facial

    The press have also highlighted an unusual photo of Holly with a thick white substance on her face.  This was the anesthetic numbing cream that was applied to her face to make any discomfort tolerable.    Although Holly commented that ‘I felt everything’, here at The Grove Skin & Laser Clinic, for more aggressive, higher power treatments, we sometimes recommend a subcutaneous anesthetic, oral pain relievers and/or sedatives during the treatment session.  (Holly has stated that she had ‘every form of numbing, cream and injections’ however it doesn’t make it clear of what exactly was offered to her, or what level of treatment she received)


  • Holly Hagan has commented that she will be hiding away for 10 days.    The CO2 Laser treatment does have a period of downtime, and clients should expect peeling of the dead skin for a period of between 7 and 10 days.   This is a natural exfoliation process and is part of the treatment.   Most clients would opt to not be ‘public facing’ during this time purely as it is not advised to wear make up during this time.  We would like to point out, as with all of our skin treatments, we always strongly advise on a good skin care regime post any treatment, with the essential advice of using a high SPF to protect the skin.


  • Holly Hagan prior to the CO2 Laser Facial
    Holly Hagan prior to the CO2 Laser Facial

    This treatment is typically undertaken by clients aged 30yrs+ looking to achieve younger smoother looking skin with a more even complexion, however, (after a quick google search), Holly Hagan is just 26 years old.  You will see from the article on The Sun website that she refers to her being badly scarred from spots and therefore clients with acne scarring could consider the CO2 Laser Facial as a possible treatment to improve the appearance of their skin.  The photo posted to the right is of Holly Hagan, prior to the CO2 Laser treatment.


  • Then there is the cost of the CO2 Laser Facial.  The article quotes a cost of £2775 per session.  Holly Hagan’s treatment was carried out by London based cosmetic dermatologist and laser surgeon, Dr. Hussein.    Here at The Grove Skin & Laser Clinic prices for the CO2 Laser treatment for a full face (low energy) starts from £900.  Price varies depending on area size and concern which can be discussed at the initial consultation phase.  Our pricing compared to various clinics around the UK is very competitive with the added benefit of being based just a few minutes away from the beautiful Welsh coastline.  If you are travelling from outside of Wales, we can signpost you to accommodation within a short driving distance from our clinic.  A perfect location for your 7-10 day downtime period.

Read more about the CO2 Laser Facial available at The Grove Skin & Laser Clinic (Swansea) here 

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Holly Hagan has also openly admitted that she has never had any surgical treatments, however tells of how she has had a non-surgical nose job using just dermal fillers, along with anti-wrinkle injections (aka Botox) for her forehead wrinkles – both of which are treatments available here at The Grove Skin & Laser Clinic, Swansea.  For a full list of treatments, visit our treatment price list 

For those reading this article who are interested in exploring treatments to address the signs of ageing, pigmentation, sun damage and acne scarring should get in touch with us to book a consultation so that we can understand your skin concerns and develop a bespoke treatment plan.

We are also pleased to be offering finance to help spread the costs of your treatments through Pretty Face Finance

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