Jodie talking about Safety in Aesthetics

In the first of a series of videos with Jodie (Clinical Nurse Specialist), we talk about Safety in Aesthetics

With the rise in popularity of aesthetic treatments, it’s important to remind ourselves that these procedures are medical.

Are Aesthetic treatments safe (e.g. Lip Fillers, Botox etc)?

All products are safe, in the right hands and in the right environment but the question is:  Is your practitioner, qualified, experienced, knowledgeable enough to deal with anything if someone was to go wrong?

What questions should you be asking your aesthetic practitioner?

Jodie advises on those of you that are considering any anti-ageing treatments, such as lip fillers, anti-wrinkle injections (aka Botox) to ask yourself some questions about the person carrying out your treatment and the environment in which the treatment is being carried out:

  • Is the person carrying out your procedure, trained or equipped to deal with if anything was to go wrong?
  • With some treatments that are known side effects (bruising, swelling) but what if someone more serious was to happen?

How Lip Fillers can go wrong

A recent viral post on social media has highlighted how Lip Fillers can go wrong as the practitioner (in this case was a Beautician in a non-clinical home setting) was not able to recognise a complication resulting in part of the clients lip tissue rotting and then ‘fell off’.    See the original post from The Consultant Clinic here

Safety in Aesthetics at The Grove Skin & Laser Clinic

Safety is extremely important for us here at The Grove Skin & Laser Clinic in Swansea.  Jodie is a qualified and registered nurse with 18 years experience and 8 years in the Aesthetics industry.  In addition to qualifications and experience, Jodie has insurance in place of up to £7.5M.  Read more about Jodie Grove, Clinical Nurse Specialist here

If you would like to discuss any anti-ageing treatments, please feel free to complete the consultation booking form below to book an appointment at our clinic in Swansea.

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