Acne Treatment with IPL

IPL is one of many of the Acne Treatments we offer our patients. We adapt a treatment package based on individual patient needs and the type of acne they have as each individual presents differently.

Treatment can sometimes consist of a multi-treatment approach using Skincare, Supplements, Chemical Peels and IPL to manage the acne. Once the acne is under control we can then look at solutions to repair the condition of the skin and any scaring that has been left behind.

Light therapy here at The Clinic can actively improve acne that is being caused by a build up of bacteria.

How it works

Acne can be caused when pores become blocked by over production of sebum and dead skin cells. Once pores are blocked bacteria can build up and cause infection. This can result in acne.
Skin naturally produces a chemical caused porphyrin to fight the internal bacteria that causes acne. This light therapy works by killing the bacteria, it also effectively reduces the inflammation associated with acne.
Acne caused by bacteria is reduced significantly following a course of treatments and skin texture and tone is improved as light therapy also initiates further collagen production.

Treatment time

Full treatment takes between 20-40 minutes

Is it painful ?

Its not painful, if the acne is sore then the treatment can be a little uncomfortable

How much is the treatment ?

The cost of the treatment is £90

How do i book ?

Calling  us on 01792 202022 is the easiest way. You can also email us bookings@test-site.local

Customer testimonial

“I have had 3 treatments for my acne and it has been life changing, I can go out without feeling as self-consious and embarrassed about my skin”

Nerys Young 32 from Bridgend