Hay fever treatment Injections

Hay Fever Injections Swansea

Hay fever is an allergy with symptoms including sneezing and itchy eyes. Hay fever injections can help.

It is one of the most common allergies and affects around 13 million people in the UK.

Most sufferers are able to control their symptoms with tablets and nasal sprays either form the GP or over the counter.

However, for a smaller percentage of the population even when taking daily medication their symptoms can still have a huge impact on day to day living during peak season. It can have a huge impact on working, with people needing to take time off. This is a massive, unnecessary inconveinience when there is a simple solution.

The Hay fever injection can then be life changing for this patient group.   We’re pleased to be able to offer this injection at our clinic here in Swansea 

Hay Fever Injection treatment Swansea FACTS

  • The injection is for the treatment of severe hay fever, and should be considered as a second stage of treatment for patients who have already tried and had little relief from other forms of medication.
  • The injection does not cure hay fever, it temporarily suppresses the immune system enough to take away the symptoms in most people who need it.
  • The patient is injected in the buttock muscle and it takes just a few seconds the area can be sore on the day of treatment as with any injection.
  • One injection can be enough to last for a whole hay fever season
  • It is not suitable for children under the age of 12
  • A good time to have the injection is March/April time in preparation although it can be given at any point in the year.
  • The prescription product that is used is Kenalog.

Could you benefit from having the Hay Fever Injection?

If you think you could benefit from the Hay fever injection you will need a consultation with our Nurse Jodie. She will asses your current hay fever symptom management, and carry out a medical assessment to make sure it is a suitable treatment option for you. Jodie will go through all the necessary things to consider before having an injection. If you are suitable the injection can be done at the same appointment. The appointments takes around 10-15 minutes.

How much does the Hay Fever Injection Cost?

£85 for consultation and treatment