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Jaw Definition – Swansea

What is jaw line definition?

Jaw Definition is a procedure that defines and contours the jaw line to restore the sharp, clean edge that gives that youthful look. In some instances it can reduce the appearance of a double chin.

What product is used?

A filler called Radiesse is considered the best product of filler for this procedure.

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is an injectable filler that contours and defines facial shape. When you look in the mirror, you should notice an immediate enhancement. Radiesse also stimulates your bodies own natural collagen and elastin so that your skin stays firm and contoured and your aesthetic results are sustained.

Has Radiesse been tested and certified?

Yes, the CE certification is in European Union standards for product safety. Radiesse is also approved by the FDA (the American regulatory authority).

What is the treatment procedure?

Your clinical nurse specialist will talk through how best to treat your concerns and together you will choose the best option and amount of product needed. The whole process takes around 45 minutes. You will notice the change instantly.

Are there any side effects?

You may experience some swelling and there is a possibility of bruising if you are someone that bruises easily. We advise not to exercise for 24 hours post treatment this is just down to comfort for you as you may feel a little bruised and exercise may aggravate it.

How long does Radiesse last?

It does depend on the individual as we all break things down in our body differently. However typically when treating the jaw line it lasts around 8-12 months.

How much is the treatment?

  • 1ml £300
  • 2ml £450

How do I book?

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