Laser Tattoo Removal

Changed your mind about a tattoo?

We can help with unwanted tattoos with our laser treatment for tattoo removal here in our clinic in Swansea.

Unlike traditional laser tattoo removal, our system can treat multi-coloured tattoos on different skin types.

What is the procedure of tattoo removal?

  1. Before the procedure, a numbing cream is applied to the target area to minimise discomfort
  2. Patients are requested to wear eye protection due to the use of lasers during the treatment
  3. The laser hand piece is placed against the surface of the skin and the laser is activated.  During the procedure patients will experience a feeling that resembles a flick of a rubber band on the skin
  4. Smaller tattoos will require fewer pulses and larger tattoos requiring more.  Repeat treatments are required to remove the tattoo.

How many sessions will I need to remove the tattoo?

The effectiveness of the treatment depends on many factors such as the age, location, depth, size and type of tattoo.  The number of sessions can be between 4 and 12 sessions depending on the factors

How much will it cost to remove the tattoo?

The cost will depend on the size and colour of the tattoo.  Sessions start from £80.  A number of sessions maybe required to fully remove the tattoo.  A consultation is required to establish the number of sessions needed to remove the tattoo and to carry out a patch test.  If you would like to have a rough estimate of cost, please complete the form below to include a photo of your tattoo.

  • Test Patch  £30
  • Extra Small (under 1.5cm) £60
  • Small (1.5cm-3.5cm) £80
  • Medium (3.5cm-8cm) £105
  • Large (8cm-15cm) £170
  • Extra large (15cm-20cm) £260

*Any thing not falling into the above price given at consultation


Laser Tattoo Removal | The Grove Skin & Laser Clinic | Swansea

Will the tattoo removal procedure be painful?

Patients will experience a feeling on the skin similar to that of a rubber band flick on the skin when the laser is applied.  Numbing cream is applied to the skin prior to the treatment to minimise discomfort during the procedure.  Where the tattoo is located and the size will also have an impact on the level of discomfort.

What are the side effects?

An ice pack may be applied to the treated area immediately following the procedure.  Furthermore, patients may experience temporary discoloration of reddening of the skin around the treatment site.  Some patients may also experience a temporary lightening of the skin within the first few months of the procedure.  The skin will typically resolve to a normal skin tone.   In some cases, the treated area may require a dressing to prevent infection and will need to remain for at least 2 days after the procedure.  Patients should avoid scrubbing the area, including abrasive skin cleansers.  Sunblock on the treated area is also advised.


Blistering is normal and you should not be alarmed by this, it is in fact a positive indication that the healing process is going to plan and the ink is being removed from your body. Blisters can burst and this means the skin will heal faster.

It is fine to shower as normal 2 hours after the treatment but not recommended to soak in the bath or visit saunas,steam rooms or the swimming pool until the area has healed.

Ice can be applied top help with discomfort and paracetamol taken, avoid aspirin or ibuprofen based pain relief as this can effect bruising.

How long will it take to remove the tattoo?

The length of each individual session will depend on the size of the tattoo.  We advise leaving at least 4 weeks in between each session to allow the skin to fully heal.

Why choose The Grove Skin Clinic for your tattoo removal?


The clinic is registered as a hospital with the Health Inspectorate Wales for non surgical laser treatments (including hair removal and tattoo removal).  The HIW regulate and inspect independent (and NHS services) in Wales against a range of standards, policies and guidance. The procedure is carried out or overseen by a qualified medical professional at all times, reassuring you are in safe hands.


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