Lip definition and rejuvenation – The Grove Lip Experience (Lip Fillers)

Everyone is unique and so is their smile, lips and mouth – so why settle for an off the shelf treatment simply focussing on the amount of lip filler?

As we age our lips get thinner, and lose their shape and fullness. The lips and mouth area form one of the most important features of the face, enhancing this can refresh the whole face. We all dream of having the perfect lips – beautifully, well-shaped, plumped, sophisticated – all lips are unique and so it is the Grove Lip Experience.

Here at The Grove Skin & Laser Clinic (Swansea) we focus on addressing your needs and concerns when administering dermal fillers rather than focusing on the amount of lip filler with the main objective being fuller lips. It’s not always about the volume. As we age our lips get thinner, lose their shape and fullness or the appearance of lines and wrinkles may start to form around the mouth such as smoker’s lines. We strongly believe in subtly redesigning your lips to give you that extra confidence boost and get you smiling again!

Our approach to Lip Fillers

Our approach is not to provide a ‘Lip Filler per ml’ price list, but to discuss your needs, wants and desires and bespoke a treatment that will achieve your personal lips goals. Clinical Nurse Jodie Grove has developed her reputation for giving patients the natural, subtle look they want. The Clinic prides itself in being worlds apart from the unnatural, over exaggerated look that is often associated with lip fillers. We can help you achieve defined, rejuvenated and fuller lips in just half an hour.

What products are used?

Using the top dermal filler brand, Teoxane, designed for the lips, we can choose from a range of products, using the best hyaluronic acid gels and techniques to enhance your smile. Whether you’re looking to enhance the vermilion border, cupid’s bow, bar code line, address upper lip wrinkles or simply more definition in the lip area we can ensure you get the most suitable product for what you want to achieve.

Patient Case Study:

After suffering from a stroke, a patient got in touch with us here at the clinic to enquire whether we were able to balance out her smile due to one-sided facial drooping caused by the stroke. Jodie was able to apply her skills and knowledge not only as an experienced aesthetics practitioner but also a qualified nurse, to safely administer the correct level of lip filler to balance out the patients lips for an asymmetrical appearance.

With every Grove Lip Experience you receive:
  • Pre-consultation  – This allows time with our lead clinical nurse, Jodie Grove, with a number of years’ experience of administering cosmetic fillers to discuss what you’re looking to achieve. This will allow Jodie the time to customise a plan for you. Always remember, that although you think that it’s fillers that you need to address your concern, Jodie has the experience and wealth of knowledge to be able to identify the most suitable treatments.
  • Confidentiality – Patient confidentiality is of the upmost importance here at The Grove. We will never use a patient before and after photos without explicit consent or discuss treatments.
  • Safety & Comfort – Your treatment is carried out in a registered clinical environment by a trained and experienced nurse, therefore putting your safety first is paramount.  Listen to Jodie talk about Safety in Aesthetics.  We use localised anesthetic in the form of numbing cream to help make the procedure as comfortable as we can for our patients.
  • After-Care – To ensure your lips are looking the best post-treatment we provide you with an after-care pack which includes The Grove Clinical Lip Hydrator – a hydrating lip complex to be used after treatment to keep the lips hydrated and prevent trans epidermal water loss. Read about the Lip Hydrator here
  • Post-Treatment – When you leave The Grove, you’re provided with our Out of Office emergency number. This provides you with the confidence that we are here to answer your questions post-treatment. Common side effects of lip fillers include slight redness, mild swelling and tenderness at the injection site. If you were to experience any other concerns, post-treatment we are here to help you.

The Grove Lip Experience prices start from £280

To book your Grove Lip Experience consultation, call us on 01792 202022 or complete the consultation booking form below.

Lip Fillers FAQs

How do Lip Fillers work?

A Lip rejuvenation treatment is achieved by injecting small quantities of dermal filler into the border, and or the body of the lip depending on the desired effect. A Lip Enhancement is performed with a naturally occurring hyaluronic acid gel product which has an additional anesthetic included in the product, which prevents discomfort during the treatment.

What products are used?

Here at The Grove Skin Clinic Jodie uses products specifically designed for the lips from the leading brand Teoxane.

What results can I expect with Lip Fillers?

You can expect a more youthful and rejuvenated lip and mouth area with only you really knowing what’s been done. Our reputation when it comes to lips is natural and subtle.

What are the risks and side effects of Lip Fillers?

All risks and side effects are discussed during your appointment, the main concerns of our patients are bruising and swelling with generally lasts 24-48 hours.


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