Medi-facial PCA teenager skin treatment


 PCA medi-facial  (45 minutes)

This is the perfect treatment can give you an instant boost & glow with no downtime, ideal for helping that teenage skin through its difficult time.

The PCA ‘oxy trio’ are just amazing at revitalising and brightening your skin. The 3 different stages activate, detoxify and oxygenate your skin with a long list of active ingredients (AHAs and BHAs) to reduce inflammation and stimulate your skin. This treatment increases blood circulation which will help rejuvenate sluggish skin depleted by toxins, every day pollutants and sun damage. this is an ideal treatment 2/3 days before a special event.

This treatment is also ideal for teen skin either as a starting point for taking good care of their skin or for acne suffers which other treatments may be too harsh for.

It can be combined with our Celluma LED for even better results