Non surgical nose reshaping (aka. “The No Knife Nose Job”)

The nose is a key feature of the face and even subtle changes in the shape or size can make huge difference. Many people that are unhappy with the shape of their nose but feel that invasive surgery is not the option. The potential solution is a non surgical nose job.

Here at the The Grove Skin Clinic in Wales we offer non-surgical rhinoplasty as a method of re-shaping the nose without the need for invasive surgery. This “no knife” nose treatment (aka Lunch Break Nose Job) is rapidly becoming extremely popular for those unhappy with their current nasal shape. It works by injecting a dermal filler in to very specific areas of concern to fill out and re-contour areas of the nose that need it.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body, responsible for youthful and firm skin. This substance can be used in a medically synthesized gel form to build and re-shape areas of the nose. Where once, only an invasive and expensive surgical procedure was the option for a non surgical nose job, this non-invasive approach means that the treatment is accessible to many more people. Furthermore, restoring individuals confidence without a heavy price tag or excessive recovery times.

At The Grove Skin Clinic, Jodie (Advanced Aesthetic Nurse prescriber) offers the Belotero® and Perfecta ranges of dermal fillers. The Belotero® range is designed to integrate into your tissue and provide subtle and even results without disrupting the natural contours of your face.

Studies show that the Belotero® products are well-tolerated and belong to the safest dermal fillers available. Perfectha® is the latest-generation of Hyaluronic Acid and has a cross link formulation which means that it will augment tissue structure and last for longer periods of time

How do I know if I am suitable for non-surgical rhinoplasty?

Jodie will assess your concerns and requirements in a full consultation, conducted at The Grove Skin Clinic. We will take a full medical history and examine your nose as well as your facial proportions to ascertain whether the treatment will be suitable for you.

The list below outlines concerns that could be suitable for the non-surgical nose reshaping:

  • A slightly crooked nose
  • A small nose that needs building up
  • A hooked shaped nose that requires straightening
  • A mild to moderate bridge or bump on the nose
  • A nose requiring refinement following surgical rhinoplasty
  • A nose that requires more height, definition or a nose tip

The Treatment:

Following consultation, injectable or topical anaesthetic will be applied to the area to be treated because we do not want you to feel any discomfort. In some products, such as Belotero® the anaesthetic is contained within the product and therefore a topical or prior-injected anaesthetic is not required. Small injections of HA filler will be administered to the areas of concern. In addition to this, Jodie will massage and shape the area for the desired result. You are fully awake during the procedure, therefore we will be able to discuss the treatment step by step so that you are fully satisfied that Jodie has achieved your desired look.  The treatment takes approximately 20-30 minutes

Available at The Grove Skin Clinic, Swansea (Wales)
Available at The Grove Skin Clinic, Swansea (Wales)

When will I see results?

You will see the results straight away, however, there will be a period of time for the substance to settle in (usually around 1 to 3 weeks) before you will see the full results. After such time, if you feel you need a top up of product, your practitioner will be happy to do this for you.

Is there any downtime?

You may experience some redness, swelling and bruising following treatment but this should subside within a day or so. You will be able to cover any bruising with light make-up 6 hours following the procedure.

What do I need to do for aftercare?

  • Do not to rub or touch the area treated for at least 4 hours after treatment
  • Sleep on your back so that you do not push or move any product to an unwanted area
  • Let the product settle in.
  • Abstain from strenuous activity for 24 hours after treatment
  • Not to consume alcohol prior or following as this can exacerbate any potential bruising as it raises the body temperature.

How long do results last with the non surgical nose job?

The results are immediate and last from 6-18 months. The time scale is dependent on:

  • Product used
  • Individual’s lifestyle
  • Absorption rate of the dermal filler over time.

As the results are relatively temporary adjustments can be made as your face changes over time. You can return post treatment for a review and a “top up” if needed in order to achieve the exact look that you require.

To find out more about non-surgical nose job call our clinical team on 01792 202022

How much does the Non Surgical Nose Reshaping cost?