Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

“Rediscover the best version of yourself”

The BIG T Testosterone

Testosterone is a natural hormone produced in the body. In men, testosterone is produced in the testes(the reproductive glands that also produce sperm). It is the hormone responsible for the normal growth and development of certain main organs and for maintenance of other masculine traits. With low levels of testosterone men can experience a whole host of symptoms that can have a huge effect on daily living. Symptoms include, but not limited to a decrease in energy and experiencing severe fatigue, an increase in body fat particularly around the tummy. It has a huge effect on mental clarity, stress and depression/low mood.The more widely known effect is the effect on libido and sexual performance. In severe cases it can cause erectile dysfunction.

A natural decrease in testosterone is expected as men age, levels drop 1-3 percent a year from the age of 40. A decrease can also be affected by other factors including chronic health issues, medications or trauma.

Testosterone Replacement therapy : Can it help ?

The simple answer is YES. For many men it can literally feel like you have been given your life back, or at least make you feel like you did in your 30’s.

Improvements that can be expected

  • More energy and stamina

  • Better memory, improved concentration

  • Reduced stress, less irritability

  • Ability to train harder, recover faster

  • Better sleep

  • Weight loss

  • Increased muscle mass and tone

  • Increased sex drive and performance

  • Decreased anxiety

  • Increased feelings of well-being

  • Lower risk of heart disease

How do we treat low Testosterone levels ?

Here at the clinic we treat low Testosterone levels with a simple injection of the hormone, these are administered by our Specialist Independent Nurse Prescriber. We have spent years researching the best option and treatment schedules to give our patients the best outcome from their hormone replacement therapy.

Your treatment journey for Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy (TRT) has 4 steps to get your life back and have you fighting fit.

Step 1

You will attend the Clinic and our Specialist Independent Nurse Prescriber Jodie Grove will conduct a comprehensive medical assessment, She will discuss in detail the Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and answer any of your questions. If you decide and its considered appropriate for you to have treatment some blood tests will need to be performed.

Step 2 

Based on your medical assesment and your blood test results a personalised treatment plan will be created and emailed to you for your review. Testosterone Replacement Therapy if indicated will commence at your next appointment.

Step 3

During your second visit to the Clinic your treatment plan will be discussed, any questions answered and your first injection of Testosterone administered. You will need regular appointments for your injections of Testosterone and these will be made at this appointment to ensure the schedule is adhered to.

Step 4

Repeat blood tests are performed at various intervals all of which will have been discussed at your initial consultation. Your treatment plan will also be reviewed and discussed along with changes if necessary. Repeat bloods are then only required annually.

What is the cost of Testosterone Replacement Therapy ?

Initial consultation £250

Bloods (not all are necessary this will be discussed at your initial consultation)

Wellman £150

Hormone profile £180

Testosterone £65-£85

Full blood count £85

We offer 2 treatment options that will be discussed at your initial consultation the cost ranges from £70-£100 per month.