The Grove Glow(Mesotherapy Treatment)

The Grove Glow is an exclusive mesotherapy micro-needling treatment available at The Grove Skin & Laser Clinic Swansea.   This isn’t just any mesotherapy treatment, this is an exclusive advanced micro-needling treatment. This non-invasive cosmetic treatment aims to deliver outstanding instant results in just 45 minutes. Within minimum downtime (24 hours) this is the ideal party treatment for those that want rejuvenated, brighter skin for that big event!

Why is the Grove Glow different to micro-needling?

The process of micro needling is the same, using a number of very fine nano needles to safely and pain-free, create micro channels into the skin allowing for deep product penetration. The  Grove Glow uses a vile of specially formulated ingredients customised to give you the best possible results. As with all other micro needling, the needles create controlled damage, starting the process of colagenisis, the production of new collagen within the skin. Due to the size of the fine nano needles, we are able to treat around the delicate area around the eyes, mouth and neck.

  • Vitamins/Minerals (meso)
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Plus an extra ‘magic’ ingredient! That’s what makes this an exclusive Grove treatment* micro botox

*We will discuss this with you at the consultation stage to ensure the suitability of the treatment

What will my skin look like after the treatment?

Immediately after the treatment your skin will be a little pink, some people more than others depending on your skin type. We recommend a downtime period of 24 hours. After this, your skin will have

  • Better skin texture & tone
  • Tighter/Firmer looking skin
  • Reduced open pores
  • Brighter looking skin

Will I need more than 1 treatment?

The Grove Glow can be used as a one-off treatment or can be included in your maintenance programme.

What is the cost of the  Grove Glow treatment?