Private Medical Procedures

We offer a variety of private medical procedures.

The services we offer often cause you some concern and the frustration of trying to get a convenient and quick  appointment with the GP can be too much. This is why we set up this service to make things easier for patients who need convenience and efficiency. We can usually see you within two weeks if not before.

The current waiting list to see a dermatologist is  26 weeks, you are often waiting anxiously for this appointment. By this time we could have seen and treated you, or made the relevant referral.

There are also many procedures that the GP is unable to carry out due to limited resources. The NHS is under tremendous pressure and is forced to cut some services that are considered cosmetic. We help to bridge that gap.

Procedures available:

  • Skin tag removal £50. If more than one price given at time of consultation.
  • Mole check £50
  • Cyst removal £150-£300
  • Skin lesion removal £150-£300
  • Mole removal £150-£450
  • Wart removal £120 if more than 1 price given at consultation.
  • Skin  Biopsy testing £180
  • Thread vein removal from £70
  • Blood testing from £65
  • Thyroid testing £150
  • Vitamin B12 levels £30
  • Vitamin B12 injection £30
  • Joint injections £150

Call 01792 202022 for bookings or contact us here